Develop a confident and authentic voice achieving personal and professional goals.


Do you feel that your voice could be more expressive, with higher quality and used to reach better your audience?

Vocal Coaching will guide you through efficient techniques in order to align a trusted voice with a powerful message that is going to keep your audience tuned.


I'm committed to help you:

  • Keeping your audience focused and aware
    For better understanding of the message
  • Show confidence and stage presence
    To leave a strong positive impression
  • Improve clarity of speech
    May the words you pronounce be listened clearly
  • Use effectively voice modulations
    Avoiding a monotonous voice to help your audience to be aware and present
  • Insert strategic pauses into your speech
    To increase attention and surprise among your listeners
  • Protect and heal your voice
    So that you can reduce your fatigue and tiredness
  • Avoid mistakes that could harm the quality of your voice
    To project a more professional and credible version of yourself


  • Vanda Fernandes – Head of HR / Coaching / NLP
    I have learned with Inês that our voice is not good or bad and that we can change it to express different emotions depending on the way we breathe. I specifically enjoyed the structured and technical approach Inês has in the sessions while combining a youth and sensitivity to the person in front of her. Inês also recommended me a specific coach to help my daughter with a vocal issue quickly and highly professionally solved. Thank you Inês.
    Vanda Fernandes – Head of HR / Coaching / NLP
  • Sofia Silva - Teacher
    My throat and voice feel less tired at the end of a working day. I notice a big difference! I feel more my breathing as I speak; I feel a lot of my belly moving while I teach. Sometimes it even makes me laugh!
    Sofia Silva - Teacher
  • Sofia Helfer Carvalho - Senior Consultant at Kaizen Institute Portugal
    After starting the voice trainings, I gained energy in speech and more confidence. I also no longer feel tired. I learned techniques to work the voice and some tricks of posture, which I still apply today. Inês is very organized and has a clear speech. It helped me in a systematic way, to achieve the desired result in a short time.
    Sofia Helfer Carvalho - Senior Consultant at Kaizen Institute Portugal
  • Rui Henriques - trainer, teacher, coach, member of Toastmasters International
    I met Inês several years ago in Toastmasters. After all this time, she continues the same 'beautiful' human being, always available to make others grow. The many knowledge she gained in international certifications and other training make her an excellent professional in the field of vocal coaching (I've been in workshops directed by Inês). I recommend her services to teachers, trainers and speakers who want to go further in the true discovery of the potential of your voice.
    Rui Henriques - trainer, teacher, coach, member of Toastmasters International
  • Rúben Rua - TV Presenter & International Model
    From the moment I was given the opportunity to work as a presenter, I realized that more than ever I would have to overcome the disfluency I have felt since I was twelve years old. It was an arduous and laborious journey that I went through with Inês, but simultaneously rewarding in the results and pleasurable in the discovery. More than going beyond my limitations, I realized the power and importance of the voice. I learned a set of exercises and techniques that both can differentiate the speech in its fullness. In an age where we are what we communicate, I venture to say that the way we communicate is often the differential factor between success and failure. I also believe that this opinion is transversal to any person, in any profession of any age. Voice is a far more powerful tool than most of us believe.
    Rúben Rua - TV Presenter & International Model
  • Ricardo Peixe - High Performance Coach, Trainer & Career Specialist
    As a trainer and speaker, my voice is my basic work tool. What I have learned in caring for and how to preserve is essential to my future. The sessions also allowed me to work on the speed of my speech, to increase the flexibility of the tone and to add moments of change of pace that had an impact on the clarity of my message and the result of my training in companies. I strongly recommend.
    Ricardo Peixe - High Performance Coach, Trainer & Career Specialist
  • Ricardo Antunes - Founder & CEO TelcoSMS

    Inês was an extraordinary Coach who extended the horizon of my voice far beyond.

    Although, for reasons of distance, we were forced to have sessions via Skype, Inês, always managed, with her know-how and some patience to overcome the limitations of distance so that the sessions could always have been productive. Regarding the voice, the specific exercises we did allowed me to experience a voice that I did not even know I had because whenever I finished the sessions I felt a great leap in the quality of my voice.

    To sum up, my evaluation of the sessions in one word: Extraordinary!

    Ricardo Antunes - Founder & CEO TelcoSMS
  • Pedro Costa - PhD student at the Lisbon University of Science
    Inês Moura is a very enthusiastic person who conveys a passion for what she does. With competence and a memorable professionalism, she taught me to speak in public in an excellent way. The combined sessions I took, changed me professionally. As a final result, I began to organize presentations better, to make them attractive and motivating, and to convey my message with confidence to the audience. I strongly advise anyone who needs to develop oral and presentation techniques. These sessions will change your image in the professional world.
    Pedro Costa - PhD student at the Lisbon University of Science
  • Paulo David - Member of Porto Toastmasters Club
    I had the opportunity to attend the fantastic workshop "VOICE and EMOTION IN THE SPEECH" by Inês Moura. I was positively surprised by the dynamic, clear and full of sympathy way with which she conducted the workshop, managing to keep almost 50 people always very interested and motivated! The content itself was also very positive, as it was able to go beyond the more technical aspects of vocal preparation. I strongly recommend to all those who want to improve their speaking skills, particularly regarding persuasion skills towards the audience, as Emotion in the Voice is a determining factor!
    Paulo David - Member of Porto Toastmasters Club
  • Paulo Calado - Senior Data Excellence Carlsberg Group

    I met Inês at a Tony Robbins event, during which I quickly lost my voice given the intensity of every moment lived during those days. Coincidentally, Inês had helped my wife before in preparing for a moderator and presenter role in a convention with over 2k people. So a series of sessions was the only natural way forward for someone like me, looking to improve my conduct. Speech clarity and adequate expression all "L" related sounds was something I had tried to tackle in the past but with no or little success. I can proudly say that after the series of sessions we went through, I felt the change and more importantly the tools&tips to continuously make progress on my own. Inês starts with a structured and thorough analysis of all pitfalls, fundamental to plan the sessions ahead. By breaking down these pitfalls, correlating human anatomy and unconscious behavior, I finally understood in detail the traits of my voice and speech.

    Inês excels with her technical knowledge and sensitivity to come to adequate advice and training plans that can fit even the busiest schedules.

    I keep present her tips, tricks and awareness which helps me daily both at work or home. Through our joint work and her presence online, I've gain consciousness on how voice and clarity of speech are important in today's fast and noisy life. Here at home, we couldn't recommend Inês more vividly!

    Paulo Calado - Senior Data Excellence Carlsberg Group
  • Patrícia Fonseca - Businesswoman
    As a speech therapist, Inês is a professional without borders. Because it does not see speech therapy as a "solo", but rather it tries to know what is behind the "question" and to solve it in interaction and with the appropriate language for each one. Communicating is really this, it is first knowing yourself very well so that you can know the other and only in that way you can help him. Inês is a genuine communicator.
    In my specific case, we entered the field of coaching, which had been quite enriching in the current issues of stress.
    Patrícia Fonseca - Businesswoman
  • Olga Garcia - Teacher
    What did I learn? To know and value (my) Voice to which, in total truth, I have never given due significance neither recognized any importance.
    In professional practice, when it has been possible for me to discretely test the lessons learned, the results startle me!
    My voice is deeper, more serious, the resonance arises naturally and diction has improved (as a result of increased self-confidence in this area). I avoid the usual "anchors" when I become aware of them, my voice became more intense and the tone is more versatile.
    Olga Garcia - Teacher
  • Nuno Rocha - Professor at the Oporto Music Conservatory Choir
    I have learned, essentially, that our instrument - voice - works as well or as badly as the "treatment" we give it. Although often mistreated, I came to know ways to compensate it.
    Nuno Rocha - Professor at the Oporto Music Conservatory Choir
  • Mónica Lopes - Actress
    Vocal exercises allow me as an actress to understand how to place my voice according to the character to play. Also, they help me to keep my voice during a show without attacking my vocal chords and still achieving a better performance.
    Mónica Lopes - Actress
  • Marco Patrice Victor - Speaker, Motivational Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Sports Mental Coach

    For almost 34 years of my life, I had the full conviction that I knew how to speak. In the meantime, I had the golden opportunity to hear about Vocal Coaching, and in particular to a professional of excellence Inês Moura.

    After some time I was able to get an appointment in her busy schedule, and that's when I discovered that making sounds with some sense is not the same as speaking.

    I am very grateful to all the sessions we did, in which I learned things as trivial and interesting as: the fact that changing the position of my feet changed my voice; the crucial techniques of resting the voice; the pre-event warm-up and the post-event relax ("boring" things) that make my career more durable; Organizing the message for better context; the movement on the stage for greater impact on message delivery; the changes of volume and tone of voice according to the moment and objective of the message.

    Who would have thought talking was so interesting? Vocal coaching, with Inês Moura, is a trip that has no end, although after the first three sessions we have become small experts, because we noticed how much we did not know. Not because she shows it to you with some vanity, but because of the love she has for the theme and interest she manifests in continuing to study about it. Thank you Inês for teaching me how to speak and more about how to communicate.

    Marco Patrice Victor - Speaker, Motivational Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Sports Mental Coach
  • Márcio Fonseca - Senior Consultant at Altitude Software

    On a recently tv series, I watch a politics veteran, an old fox, cognizant of all the communication scams, who was saying to his chosen one (she would became President) before an important rally: “you will get on stage, you’ll have hundreds of people screaming in your face and the spotlights will blind you completely. You won’t see anything you got on paper. At the time, you´ll lift your head high e you will pause till the fetch of light fades and then you will see clearly. You will then with ease begin to talk, slowly, articulated and then, when you put soul into your speech, everyone will be quiet at first, and finally you will be cheered”. I always remember this when think about the coaching sessions with Inês. Being relentless, she taught me to pronounce the words better, to hear them, to appreciate each one of them, before sharing them with other one, with no fear and mainly, she taught me how to avoid exchanging soul for technique, pace for rush.

    She was also tireless and patient in many opinions, suggestions and advices she gave me regarding the recordings I sent her.

    Putting in the words of Hemingway – the words, always the words! – after Inês orientation, I began to pronounce them and to hear them like it was the first time.

    Márcio Fonseca - Senior Consultant at Altitude Software
  • Madalena Silveira - Director of Marketing and Communication
    This workshop was extremely effective as it provided a variety of immediate-application techniques allowing to improve placement and projection of the voice, better control of breathing, capture audience attention, and increase trust and credibility. Although it was held by groups, individual objectives were set and I felt that the program was tailored to the objectives, benefiting further from the interaction into the group which optimized the learning process.
    The workshop’s structure and its practical component contributed for the assimilation of contents.
    Madalena Silveira - Director of Marketing and Communication
  • Luis Teixeira - Executive VP, Operations & Portugal Managing Director, Farfetch

    It’s no novelty that Communication is essential in the exercise of management. To realize that voice and tone can have a crucial impact, not only in the way we speak, but above all in the interpretation of what we say is something not so evident.
    I am a pragmatic person who likes authenticity, however, on my job as manager and team leader, I acknowledge that is fundamental to understand in a more profound way the meaning of the communication – both written but particularly oral. In the last case, voice, and all the implied nuances combine to wrap, enrich or undermine the meaning of words.
    To have the ability to project sound in a better form could make all the difference in the way one is interpreted. Moreover, voice can be a fundamental factor, when used correctly, for communicating better, therefore contributing for better personal and professional relationships.
    When leading big teams, we are always on the stage, and most of the times, the first time one communicates is not only the most important, but also may be the last chance of leaving a precise and impactful desired impression.

    In this way, integrating the Voice Coaching into the manager´s professional training seems to me something natural, very positive and beneficial in the exercise of leadership.
    In this regard the work developed by Inês is remarkable and my personal experience was very positive.

    Luis Teixeira - Executive VP, Operations & Portugal Managing Director, Farfetch
  • Luís Matos - Football Coach
    Vocal Coaching is a good tool for understanding how our voice works and the techniques associated with it. In my personal case I had no idea what muscles we had to use to speak properly and effortlessly on the vocal cords. Now in lectures I feel more comfortable because I learned some techniques to communicate more audibly and effortlessly.
    Luís Matos - Football Coach
  • Luís Cecílio - CFO NRSA Nossosuper
    I had the privilege of having Ines Moura as vocal coach, the experience exceeded my initial expectations very much, because it ended up being an experience of self-knowledge in all aspects of communication, from the discovery of the muscles that we have to use and preserve voice, speech analysis, vocal variety, breathing, change of rhythm, adequacy of communication to the public, preparation of meetings / presentations, what to communicate and how to communicate, nonverbal forms of communication, etc. It was a short but very effective journey that helped me a lot in my personal and professional development. I therefore recommend Ines for her great knowledge, practical experience and ability to transmit her many knowledge, I just have to thank her for her dedication, enthusiasm, commitment and teachings that she gave me.
    Luís Cecílio - CFO NRSA Nossosuper
  • José Eduardo Santos - Associate Professor of Surgery at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Beira Interior
    Inês is a highly skilled and competent therapist. She displays a confident and mature approach with a correct, thorough evaluation and an accurate diagnostic ability detecting the nature of underlying complex problems. With regard to therapeutic ability, Inês proved to be extremely knowledgeable and versatile with superb mastering of multidisciplinary tasks starting with psychotherapy, positive reinforcement of self-image and self-confidence and coping mechanisms in hostile environments. From the very first session she also explained the mechanisms of voice positioning using the laryngeal and neck muscles, providing exercise routines for all muscles involved in laryngeal and vocal cord function. Her thorough knowledge and competence as to the detailed anatomy, physiology and function of the different muscles are perhaps reflected in the superb results that she achieves with her therapy. Inês is an extremely competent, knowledgeable, thorough and dedicated therapist that masters the multidisciplinary and complementary fields of psychology, psychotherapy, specific voice therapy techniques, with voice positioning and resonance techniques and attention to posture correction.
    José Eduardo Santos - Associate Professor of Surgery at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Beira Interior
  • João Veloso – Padel Teacher
    I'm a Padel teacher and I work in a sports hall that usually has a lot of noise, which has caused me a lot of struggle with my voice and get a sore throat almost every day. Since I attend the vocal coaching session with Inês, which was held in a relaxed and even fun environment, where I’ve learned several exercises that I do now before work, I did not have any sore throats again. I’ve got my problem solved quickly, so I highly recommend it.
    João Veloso – Padel Teacher
  • Irina Golovanova - Body Language Trainer & Executive Director at SPOTCOM
    When I contacted Inês Moura I was aiming to reduce / eliminate my Russian accent. After 3 sessions I have been able to produce several types of "r" and now I am working on my vowels. I appreciate the academic background, the practical experience and the way Inês conducts the sessions.
    Irina Golovanova - Body Language Trainer & Executive Director at SPOTCOM
  • Hugo Belchior - CEO & Founder Bwizer

    I have a multifaceted relationship with Inês Moura. She is my vocal coach, and she provided her services for my company as well, we have shared useful information with some regularity, and I have already interviewed her for my website In all the interactions with Inês, what astonishes me the most is her enormous professionalism, customer focus and clarity of thought.

    Besides being someone who knows what’s she’s talking about, I can notice an enormous desire of progression and help others evolve, challenge herself and leave an impression. To follow the path of Inês - who, despite all the achievements, it’s only at the beginning - is, in one word, inspiring.

    Hugo Belchior - CEO & Founder Bwizer
  • Hélder Falcão - Business Coach & CEO of Golden Reputation Inc
    I recommend Inês Moura as a vocal coach. She has such an immediate empathy ability that lifts her on a plateau of excellence.
    Hélder Falcão - Business Coach & CEO of Golden Reputation Inc
  • Gonçalo Duarte - Air Force Pilot / Entrepreneur

    With some lack of confidence in my voice, I’ve looked for Inês with the intention of improving my voice. To my great surprise, Inês's skills exceeded my expectations. What we ended up doing was more than improving my voice: with her help we set goals, we wrote, we refined, we adjusted and tested the speech in a variety of ways. I learned a lot, I evolved as a speaker and as a person, and I ended up giving a confident speech.

    Inês is very experienced, has an immense passion and a great vocation and this reveals itself in its superb and effective performance. I loved the experience and the only drawback was that it was such a short project. Inês was a therapist, coach, mentor, inspirer and friend. Thank you!

    Gonçalo Duarte - Air Force Pilot / Entrepreneur
  • Gil Lopes – Professor at the Oporto Music Conservatory Choir
    After the choral group rehearsals oriented by me, I feel my voice quite tired for moments. Before the last rehearsal, I have tried to make a good warm up using the exercises I've learned during the training and I felt: Greater voice resistance against effort and better elasticity.
    Gil Lopes – Professor at the Oporto Music Conservatory Choir
  • Esther Liska - Personal Branding Coach, Glow Branding You
    For me, Inês Moura is a reference in the work of voice coaching, not only because of the know-how and expertise in the technical component as well as in the method of work and follow-up of the client. She demonstrates a high degree of commitment and professional performance. It is undoubtedly a plus for any person or organization that seeks to work with someone with high standards of quality both personally as professionally.
    Esther Liska - Personal Branding Coach, Glow Branding You
  • Elsa Andrade - Commercial Recruitment MEO
    Inês is a Vocal Coach in the true meaning of the word: she applies her distinct valences to effectively customize the training for that particular coachee. The outcome was fantastic, effective and fast. Congratulations Inês and thank you very much.
    Elsa Andrade - Commercial Recruitment MEO
  • Eduardo Marques - Trainer and Consultant in the field of brand communication

    The brief contact I had with Inês Moura, at the lecture "How to Inspire Audiences: Voice and Charisma" at the Universidade Nova, left me with a smile and an immense desire to discover myself even more as a speaker.

    The sharing of simple techniques at everyone’s reach and the engagement conquered by the speech, convinced me that after all, in Portugal, there are excellent professionals working with voice. Congratulations, Inês.

    Eduardo Marques - Trainer and Consultant in the field of brand communication
  • Cláudia Dias - Head of Institutional Communication

    I have searched for the Coaching of Inês Moura to teach me how to "tame" the voice. And I found myself listening to what my voice was hiding and to how to use it better.

    With Inês technical expertise, communication skills and dedication, I have learned to manage beliefs and emotions that gain expression when we interact. The pragmatic goals defined together, with an accurate time-frame, created a pace, very useful and funny dynamic with tangible results.

    Thank you to Inês Moura for having accompanied me on this adventure, in which the voice was a pretext to discover resources that I did not know before.

    Cláudia Dias - Head of Institutional Communication
  • Amélia Pereira Coutinho - Tecnifar Admnistrator

    I attended this workshop [Voice: Emotion and Credibility in Speaking] with no expectations but only with the intent of improving some aspects of my voice. However, it turned into a very interesting workshop, far beyond I could imagine, where I could learn easy techniques with 5 minute applicability whom produced immediate and positive results. The practical and theoretical approach was adequate to the course and in the end I was very satisfied with the results obtained.

    I can’t wait to put in practice the techniques and knowledge acquired. An excellent investment with optimal value for money.

    Amélia Pereira Coutinho - Tecnifar Admnistrator