S5 | EP #2 – Voice Your Value in Job Interviews

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October 26, 2022
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November 22, 2022

S5 | EP #2 – Voice Your Value in Job Interviews

 🎙️ Welcome to the 5th season of "Your Voice Matters" podcast, where I'll interview different entrepreneurs/coaches/service-based professionals to get new perspectives and insights about how we can communicate with more clarity, confidence, and credibility in our personal and professional life.

In this episode, I interviewed Vanda Fernandes.

✨ She has a degree in Organizational Psychology and 2 Post Graduations – one in HR and another one in Management.

✨ With 20 years of professional experience in HR area, Vanda Fernandes has always worked in international companies and environments.

✨ She is currently helping people develop their careers and helping them find a place where they feel happy, satisfied, recognised and evolving as professional and human beings.

Find out more about Vanda Fernandes:



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